Patient & Provider

Side Effect Support LLC is a small business created by Jill Meyer-Lippert, R.D.H, that has developed from her own personal and professional experiences. Side Effect Support offers a unique way of providing patient and provider education and affordable chemotherapy side effect remedies to aid in the management of short-term and long-term symptoms. Side Effect Supports also offers teledentistry links and resources specific to both the survivor/caregiver and professional (dental/medical) audiences, to aid all those involved in a cancer patient’s journey.

Side Effect Support has:

  • Oral Care Shop - includes lip care, mouth rinses, oral care kits, oral moisturizers, toothbrushes & shields, toothpaste, gums/mints

  • Link to a TeleDentist

  • Resources specific to the target audience (Patients & Providers)

    • FAQs

    • Blogs

    • Brochures

    • Related Organizations

More information about this small business can be found at: